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Molly Sims and son Brooks are getting ready for Crocs International Comfort Day, September 28—celebrating the spread of comfort all over the world. The model and actress took Brooks to the Crocs store in SoHo. The new mom advised on losing baby weight: “Don’t worry…in the beginning,” she said. “It will come off.” But she also gave some tips: “Concentrate on what you’re putting on your food. If you have a salad, do not load up on the fruit, the nuts or the avocado.”

It can be overwhelming to juggle everything from weight loss, taking advice from other moms, and balancing your time, but Sims explained her strategy for getting by. “When I first had Brooks, I had so much advice, but I think you have got to trust your own instinct and just do the best you can,” she said. “Work hard, play hard, be with him as much as you can and then do what you have to do!”

Crocs Cares and Sims teamed up to donate Crocs shoes to help spread the love of comfort not just with your diet, but also to people in need all over the world. International Comfort Day will be celebrated globally at Crocs retail stores in the Americas, EU and Asia. For more information visit

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