Date Night Every Night But Fridays?


Melissa Gorga is currently promoting her new book about marriage, “Love, Italian Style“.  The Real Housewives of New Jersey star and her husband share how they keep their marriage going strong after nine years together and three kids (Gino, Joey, and Antonia).

Joe thinks their secret is a date night every night!  He dished, “We have a romantic getaway every night! Every night. We have to get that in.”  I have to say that I’d hate to see their babysitter bill each month! That’s a whole lot of date nights!

Melissa shared that Friday nights are dedicated to their kids. “We definitely do Friday night for the kids. Saturday night’s our date night. We’ll either go out with other couples, or just Joe and I. Have a bottle of wine and just enjoy ourselves.  We go out to dinner just about every Saturday night if we’re not working.”

Weigh in!  What do you think of trying for a date night several times a week?  Is it doable?


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