Twins Head To School; Sarah Launching Shoe Collection

Sarah Jessica Parker Walks Her Daughters To School

Marion and Tabitha Broderick were cute as ever as they walked to school with their famous mom, Sarah Jessica Parker.  The girls were dressed in their best little girl fashions as they happily made their way to the building together.

Even though Sarah has said in the past that fashion isn’t as important to her as people assume, because of her trend-setting character on Sex & the City, she is now working with Manolo Blahnik on a shoe line!  The shoes will be of the highest quality, but will sell for under $500 each.

Sarah shared about the collection, “I really wanted to bring back the single sole. What I really wanted to do was give those colors, regardless of the trends, to women in beautiful shapes, and at affordable prices. But still keep the quality. Because if we’re talking about a few hundred dollars, those are hard-earned bucks, and they better be good.”


Photos by fameflynet

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