Has A Swimmer On Her Hands; Sad The Baby Stage Is Over

Tiffani Thiessen

Actress Tiffani Thiessen was a lucky mom, sharing that her daughter Harper, 3, skipped those “dreaded” terrible twos and has gone straight to that independent stage of “I can do it on my own, mom!”.

The celeb mom shares that Harper is also a good mix of girly and tomboy, “She’s definitely hit the independent stage: she’s a rumble-tumble. She loves putting bows on, but she loves to climb.”

Harper is not only loving to climb, but she’s swimming now, too!  Tiffani says about her little fish: “She’s fully swimming across our pool! No floaties, no nothing — it’s crazy,”

“There’s nothing baby about that kid anymore — which is hard!”

Did your kids hit those “terrible two’s” or was it more difficult when they were in the threes?

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