Product Recall: Cosmo Beads Colorful Water Balls

2-13278 Multipurpose Jumbo LARGE

We have another product recall involving expanding beads!  This recall is for 3,500 of Eco-Novelty’s Jumbo Size and Jumbo Multipurpose Cosmo Beads for serious ingestion hazard.

From the CPSC:  The hard and colorful toy can be easily mistaken for candy by a child. When the bead is ingested, it expands and can cause intestinal obstructions inside a child’s body, resulting in severe discomfort, vomiting, dehydration and could be life threatening. The toys need surgery to be removed from the body. Similar toys have not shown up on x-rays.

No injuries have been reported, but the CPSC is aware of one incident where an 8-month-old girl ingested a similar water-absorbing polymer ball that had to be surgically removed.

The company is offering refunds and can be contacted at (231) 222-4200 or via e-mail at

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