Gives Her Best Advice To Parents Involved In Custody Battles

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Kelly Rutherford has been involved in a bitter and heartbreaking custody feud with her ex over their two children, Hermes, 6, and Helena, 4.   The actress has been candid about how the battle has completely wiped out her finances and also broke her heart when a judge ruled for her children to live in another country with their father.

The former Gossip Girl star shares in a new interview what advice she’d give to other parents going through custody disputes.  “It’s not always easy, that’s for sure. I think the biggest thing is to stay positive when you talk about the other parent. I also think you have to be honest, because you don’t want to lie. You want to talk to your children in a way that doesn’t have an edge to it, because that’s what they really pick up on. They will notice if mom is okay emotionally. As long as I am okay, they are okay. If I lose it, to whom do my kids have to look to for their strength? It’s important for me to stay strong and healthy.”

Kelly also shared how motherhood has completely changed her.  “I am still learning about myself through motherhood. I learn every day because motherhood has changed my whole life. I learned what it was like to love and care about someone beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before. Motherhood makes me want to be a better person and a better example for my children. In other words, I always knew that I wanted to be a good person, but not necessary in the way that I feel when I have little eyes looking up at me and when I have an audience looking at me all the time [laughs]. It’s a different type of pressure.”


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