Won’t Leave His Money To His Kids!

"I Can't Sing - The X Factor Musical" - Photocall

Simon Cowell is not going to spoil his kids!  The wealthy mogul says that he will not be leaving his fortune to his children, that they need to make their OWN legacy.

The dad-to-be shared in a recent interview that he will be leaving his money to charities for animals and children, but not his own kids.  ”I’m going to leave my money to somebody. A charity, probably – kids and dogs. I don’t believe in passing on from one generation to another. Your legacy has to be that hopefully you gave enough people an opportunity, so that they could do well, and you gave them your time, taught them what you know.”

I say kudos to Simon!  His kids may not appreciate it at first, but I think it’s great that he wants them to make their own way in the world!


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