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On last night’s episode of Tia & Tamera, the sisters talked about their differences in parenting style.  Tia Mowry shares with Momtastic that she didn’t start out with the intention of being an “attachment parent”, it just fit her approach to raising her son Cree.

Tia shares, “I never felt like I specifically made a decision to practice “attachment parenting,” it wasn’t like I said: I am going to be this type of parent over that type of parent. It was something that just naturally took place after I had my son, Cree. When I had Cree, breastfeeding for me was a no-brainer; it was something that I truly enjoyed. The bonding experience was unbelievable and I felt so attached to my son.”

Along with co-sleeping and breastfeeding, the celebrity mom enjoys having Cree at her side always, but does feel the pressure and judgement from others.  “This parenting style has benefited my relationship with Cree, mostly due to my work schedule. Being a working mom, my hours are crazy, so I do enjoy doing things like letting Cree sleep with me in bed and taking him everywhere with me. On the other hand, I do experience struggles with this type of parenting, and it is mostly based in the judgement of others. I know I get judged by a lot of people, however what I believe is there is no right or wrong way to parent a child. I think a mother must do whatever is best for her and for her family.”

Did you watch last night’s episode? I love the Mowry sisters aren’t afraid to share their different views and can agree to disagree on things – like parenting approaches.

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