Want To Raise Appreciative Kids


Josh Duhamel and Fergie may be a famous couple who’ll be raising their kids in the chaos of Hollywood, but don’t expect their kids to be spoiled brats!  At a Habitat For Humanity event this week, the dad-to-be shared that he is planning to raise good and appreciative kids.

Josh revealed, “It’s really important to us that we don’t raise an entitled little brat.  We want to raise a kid who’s confident, compassionate, and it’s really important that we do that, so it’s important that I set a good example for him.”

Josh was raised in North Dakota and was an outdoorsy kind of kid.  He shared,  “I was really a kid who spent most of the time outside, catching turtles and frogs and stuff like that.  That’s pretty much all I did as a kid.”

While parenting is often a daunting job, Josh is ecstatic to join that club.  “The whole idea that I get to be a dad is something I’ve always dreamt about.”


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