30 Minute Date Nights?

Poppy Montgomery Returns To Her Hotel

“Unforgettable” actress Poppy Montgomery welcomed a baby girl back in April and was back at work soon after.  The busy mom shares how she and husband Shawn Sanford squeeze in a little “couple time” amid the chaos of their hectic schedules.

Poppy shared with Life & Style that date night can be accomplished in 30 minutes,  “We had [a date] last night. We sat on the roof of our building and just talked and looked at all the city skyline, which is pretty romantic.  And it was a really nice night last night [the weather]. It’s not so much a date night as date moments. It’s like, ‘You want to steal half an hour and go on the roof and have wine and have a date moment?’ So we do that right now, because our schedules. He works for Microsoft and we’re between Seattle, New York and LA all the time with four kids. And a grueling work schedule.”

The celebrity mom also says that baby #2 (aka Violet) has been the complete opposite of her first child, Jackson.   “She has an extremely organized nanny. Jackson didn’t sleep through the night until he was 19 months, which meant I didn’t sleep for two years. But Violet is a whole different baby — she’s very zen. She’s a fat baby! She’s got those like rubber bands are her arms and legs. Jackson was not like that and she sleeps really solid.”


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