“Miami Is Not For Raising Children”

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According to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, while Miami might be a great place to party, it’s definitely not a place to raise children. The Magic City actor opens up about the time he spent in the South Florida city while taping the show.

“Miami is not optimal for raising a child. It’s optimal if you’re 22 years old and want to go [party] every night,” the actor, 47, tells People Magazine.

“Really all we could do was go to the beach,” the actor added. “Sunday mornings we’d head to the beach and we’d be there for eight hours a day,” he shares. “[My son’s] a little bit of a water baby so he loves the water.”

I’m taking it that Jeffrey and his family must have never left Miami Beach, as there is plenty to do around the actual city of Miami. The Miami Children’s Museum is one of my favorite museums in the country and Florida Keys has plenty of activities for little kids, including swimming with the dolphins!

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