Etsy Shop Of The Day: YelloKids


While I was browsing through Etsy the other day, I couldn’t help but fall in love with YelloKids, which is an eco-friendly children’s clothing store hailing from Riga, Latvia. Here’s what the designers, Ilza and Arte, have to say about their shop:

After working at a car rental business and vintage shop, we both realized we wanted to create our own business from the ground up. Since we were both full-time moms, the business had to be something we could do at home with our kids. Around that time, Linda (our photographer) had started sewing and she inspired us to give it a try. We began making stuff for our own kids, but then it dawned on us: this is the right thing to do. After dabbling on our own projects for a while, we decided we could do much better if we joined together. We’ve been working together ever since. 

Check out some of my favorite pieces from their line, which also includes the eco-friendly turquoise blue coat above!


Knit Cotton Jacket


Boys’ Toddler Blazer


Boys Hoodie Sweater


Girls’ Hat Beanie

Photos by Etsy

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