Did She Get A Push Present From Prince William?

The Royal Baby Emerges!

She was carrying the future King of England in her womb for nine months, so naturally Kate Middleton deserves one heck of a push present, right? From what we’re hearing, Prince William presented his wife with a brooch with a pink diamond as her present. Here’s the scoop:

Reports from London say William has commissioned the Queen’s jewelers to create a push present for his wife. While it’s still not clear exactly what he’ll be getting, the Daily Express says it’s rumored to be a brooch with a pink diamond. Giving a post-baby present is something of a royal tradition, as Prince Charles gave Princess Diana an engraved gold medallion when William was born.

If the reports of the pink diamond are true, it would be a gift with special significance. Queen Elizabeth II possesses one of the finest uncut pink diamonds in the world, which was given to her at her wedding by an esteemed Canadian geologist.

What do you guys think? Are push presents well-deserved or tacky?

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