Usher’s Oldest Son, Usher Raymond V, Hospitalized After Pool Accident


Usher’s five year old son, Usher Raymond V (aka “cinco”), was rushed to the emergency room today after nearly drowning in the pool!

He was playing in the pool with his aunt (Usher was gone at the time) and dove down to get a toy that was by the drain.  His hand got stuck and his aunt and a maid worked to get his hand free.  When that wasn’t working, the maid screamed for help and two men in the house came out and dove in, freeing Usher V.   Usher IV got home just in time to ride with his son to the hospital in the ambulance.

Usher and ex-wife Tameka Foster are there with him now.  He’s in ICU, but sources say he’ll be okay.

Tameka lost her eleven year old son to a jet ski accident just one year ago.  Thank goodness Usher V is going to be okay.  I can’t even imagine how scared they were/are right now.   Major kudos to the men who jumped in and were able to free him in time.

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