How Her Son Changed Her Career Path

CW, CBS And Showtime 2013 Summer TCA in LA

Anna Faris gave birth to her son Jack eleven months ago and she’s sharing how it has changed her career and her priorities.   Anna is known for her hilarious movie roles but is now making the leap to TV with the upcoming comedy “Mom”.

Anna explained why she’s ready for TV,  “I have a son. So I was sort of thinking, ‘You know, maybe I’ll just let my husband [Chris Pratt] work, and I’ll just laze around, sit by the pool.”  Then Chris picked up a script she left sitting on the counter and it all changed.   “I had left the [Mom] script on the kitchen counter, and my husband picked it up. And he read the first page, and he said, ‘Whatever you’re doing, put it down right now.’ He’s like, ‘This is you.’ And it felt like that.”

Anna is excited to take on a strong and multifaceted character.  “Every once in a while you get fortunate enough to play a role that kind of feels like Cinderella’s shoe. And this felt like she’s so dimensional. She’s a mess, which very much like me. And it’s a story about relationships and character. So that format was really appealing to me. I’ve played a lot of one-dimensional characters in my career that haven’t been so bright.”

I can’t wait to check this one out!

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