She’s Ready To Give Duke A Sibling!

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It looks like Giuliana Rancic is indeed ready for another baby! The celebrity mom opens up to In Touch Magazine about her family plans and how she’d like to give her son Duke a little sister to play with. Here are some highlights:

Sounds like you’re really looking forward to having a little mini-me!
Yes! I’ll buy her an American Girl doll and they can wear the same outfit, then I can get an adult version of the outfit so the three of us match. I’d Instagram that all day long!

How would Bill feel about that? 
He’d probably be freaked out! But sometimes I secretly dress Duke in the exact same outfit as Bill for a barbecue or something. Then it takes Bill an hour to figure it out.

So are you guys already trying for baby No. 2?
We know we want to, but we don’t know when. I can’t get pregnant because I’m on medication [related to her 2011 breast cancer diagnosis and double mastectomy], but we’re open to surrogacy again – and I have embryos ready on ice!

Has it been hard juggling your busy career with being Duke’s mom?
In the beginning, I was so stressed. Like, I needed professional advice on how to balance it all. But I’m getting the hang of it now. I make my coffee and clean up the house with Duke on my hip.

How do you two split baby duties? 
It’s crazy. Last night I had Fashion Police until 11, so Bill put the baby to bed and I had morning duty. Duke gets up at 5am, so yeah, we don’t sleep that much. But it’s ok!

To be honest with you, I’d love to see Giuliana and her husband Bill have another baby. Duke is absolutely adorable and they make the cutest family! Here’s hoping Giuliana can find a surrogate by the end of the year!

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