Toy Shopping With Her Boys


It looks like it didn’t take long for this family to fight off their jet lag, despite the fact that they’ve just arrived from the West Coast. Celebrity mom Gwen Stefani was spotted treating her boys with a trip to a local toy store while in London, England on Monday afternoon.

I don’t know how she does it, but Gwen looks fab here, doesn’t she? That hair just looks perfect! Check out our photos below and tell us, what do you think of her out and about mom style? Is it a hit or a miss for you?

Photos by FameFlynet

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    Early afternoon always used to get me – around 2-3pm. I am sorry you had a run in with the scale! When I first started recovery I weighed myself twice a week (to make sure it was going up!) and kept the scale in my mum’s room the rest of the time. Well done for talking yourself down from the panic <3

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    I find it hard to believe that with the years long shortage of health care workers, a nurse couldn’t find a job. And working at Red Lobster?? Sheesh. Nothing wrong with being a waitress/waiter, but people with vocational/technical training can usually do better.

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