Feels Guilty Being A Working Mom


According to Victoria Beckham, the celebrity mom feels the same way millions of moms feel whenever they have to leave to work every morning: that horrible mom guilt you get when you leave your children behind because you have to work. The fashionista opens up about it as well as motherhood and why she’s a China Girl at heart in the latest edition of Vogue China. Here are some highlights from her interview:

On staying on top: “When you are successful, the hardest thing is maintaining that level of success, so you work harder to maintain what you have achieved.”

Working motherhood is tough: “It’s a huge juggling act, when you are a working mother and looking after your family. Millions and millions of women around the world are doing this every day, but it’s not easy and yes, you feel guilty every time you walk out of the door to go to work.”

But it’s all worth it: “I have been in the limelight for over 20 years. I am not on an ego trip; empowering women and making them feel sexy and great when they wear my clothes means more than thousands of people clapping. Empowering women is what makes me feel good.”

She’s a China girl: “I love China. The women really understand fashion and I can honestly say the women who come to my events are some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. They have remarkable bodies and are happy and positive and I love that. I think they know what looks good, how to accessorise and have beautiful hair and flawless skin.”

Photos by Vogue China

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