Denies Pregnancy Rumors

Rachel Zoe & Rodger Berman Take Son Skyler To Lunch

Rachel Zoe is not pregnant with baby #2.  Last month all of the major outlets were reporting that Rachel and Rodger Berman were expecting a second child together.  Rachel never confirmed or denied the rumors and since reputable sites were claiming it as truth, we were shocked to see Rachel now saying it’s untrue.

Over the weekend a paparazzi photog congratulated Rachel on her pregnancy and she responded with “who said I was pregnant?”.  When the photog said “so you’re not pregnant?”, Rachel responded with a shake of the head and a “no”.

This has me wondering why Rachel didn’t deny it right off the bat when big sites like People were stating it as fact.  I hope it’s not that something has happened in the interim like a miscarriage.  Hopefully it’s just that Rachel didn’t feel like issuing a statement one way or the other about the rumors.

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