Fears The Day Lily Rose Starts Dating


During the promotion of his new flick “The Lone Ranger“, Johnny Depp shared that raising girls is much trickier than boys.  The celebrity dad says he girls are a little more complicated.

Johnny dished that 14 year old Lily dating is a major fear.  On his fatherhood fears: “Just you know … the things that a father fears, like some greasy little horror showing up at your door!”

On raising girls vs boys: ”My boy Jack is 11 and he’s simple, low key, solid. One word texts [like], ‘Yep’, ‘No’, ‘Same.’  At our very base, I think, men, we’re simpletons, really. And girls are infinitely more complicated and brilliant, you know. They know how to ‘manoeuvre’ and manipulate dad to the umpteenth degree.”


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