Reason She And North West Had Extended Hospital Stay


Kim Kardashian gave birth to her daughter, North West aka Nori, a little over a week ago and is finally back at home with her new bundle of joy.  Kim gave birth to her daughter a few weeks early, according to reports, but baby is doing well and isn’t suffering any health issues.

A source close to Kim and Kanye West shared, “The baby is doing great and has been gaining weight just like her doctor was hoping. The baby has had no problems at all.”

A top OB/GYN tells People why they may have stayed an extra few days following Nori’s birth. “If the baby was a little bit pre-term then you want to watch the baby a little bit longer.  You just want to make sure the baby is completely independent and doesn’t need any kind of additional respiratory help or monitoring.”

A source also tells the magazine that Kim was no diva during her stay.   “The nurses have had nothing but great things to say about Kim. They say Kim has been very sweet and very easy to deal with.”

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