Daughter’s Name Revealed?

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Lunches With A Friend

Rumor has it that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have finally decided on a baby name for their new daughter! According to reports, they’ve chosen a name that honors Kanye’s late mother, his hometown and Kim’s later father.

Kim and Kanye have reportedly chosen “Kai” as their daughter’s name!

“Kai Georgia Donda West has been mentioned. Donda is in tribute to Kanye’s late mother while Georgia is where he grew up. Plus Kim’s late dad Robert Kardashian’s middle name was George.”

Do you think this is the real name? Or something whipped up to throw us off?


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  1. Carol says

    Kai is a very nice name so I do hope it is real. Much better than Apple. Does anyone know if that kid really goes by that name? It would have been much better if they had to call her by a fruity name they should have named her Peach.

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