Hopes His Kids Do Something More Meaningful Than Show Business

Ryan Phillippe, His Girlfriend, and His Daughter Cheer on Deacon

Ryan Phillippe gets candid about what he hopes for his children’s futures.  The father of three (Ava, Deacon and Kailani) says if he gets his way, they’ll get an education and do something great.

Ryan shared, “I think there’s good and bad people in each and every occupation.  If they’re tough enough to handle all that would go along with it, then you know.  And I’ve often said and I don’t mean to dismiss or demean our industry but I’d like to see them do something a little more meaningful or important. If I had the education and what they have offered to them as kids, I may have gone a different way.”

The “Lincoln Lawyer” actor says that he and Reese Witherspoon work hard to keep their kids grounded.  “That’s been a core element of our parenting, both Reese and I with the kids, keeping them aware.   Neither of us grew up particularly privileged. Our kids are now, so it’s important to keep them mindful and I’ve got to say we’ve done that job.”

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