Talks Temper And How He Keeps It At Bay With His Kids

Hugh Jackman And Family Spending The Day Together

One of the things I love most about celebrity dad Hugh Jackman is his candor and honesty!  The Wolverine star shared in a recent interview that he’s not the calm, level-headed guy we all thing he is 24/7, though he works hard on keeping his temper in check.

Hugh shared with Empire magazine that as a teen it was at it’s worst.  “As a teenager I was explosively angry. I think rugby saved me, because that’s just organized violence. I would have got in a lot more fights. But I was someone who would go into a little bit of a blind rage and it was not pretty.”

Although Hugh works to keep it at bay and has calmed down as an adult, he’s no perfect angel.  ”I think, just naturally, I started to calm down. Or I just made the choice to be a little bit less volatile. But as I got older there were fewer moments of that explosive rage. But even to this day they’re still there, and I probably am just better at (controlling it) or it’s just longer in between. But it’s still there and I have to work on it and I have to be very sensitive as a father – I don’t want them seeing that. Sometimes, of course, I lose it, but it’s not constructive. And it really unsettles kids, I think. I do work on it.”

Good for Hugh for being so open and honest about a sometimes tricky subject, especially when you’re a parent!

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