Reveals That She Doesn’t Want More Kids

Amy Adams & Family Going To Breakfast

According to Amy Adams, she’s absolutely fine with her daughter Aviana growing up as a single child as she’s recently revealed that she doesn’t want to have any more kids. Here’s what we’re reading:

Engaged to actor/artist Le Gallo since 2008, Adams told host Chelsea Handler that she has no desire to have any more children. According to the famous redhead, when she tells people that Aviana will be an only child, they often look at her quizzically.

“People really give you a look. They’re like, ‘When are you having another?’ And you’re like, ‘I’m not.’ And then you feel like a bad person,” the Colorado-raised star said. “They’re like, ‘Don’t you want to give her a sibling?’ But I had so many siblings that I’m like, ‘God, no!’”

What do you think of Amy’s decision to not have any more children?

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