Opens Up About Trying To Get Pregnant; Bossing Donald Faison Around

Exclusive... Donald Fasion & CaCee Cobb Grab Lunch At King's Road Cafe

Cacee Cobb and Donald Faison are expecting a baby together this summer and the mom-to-be knows the countdown is on in more ways than one.  Cacee talks about trying to conceive and the joys of bossing around her husband.

Cacee shared that it took a while to get pregnant, so she’s enjoying every minute.  “I think I’m supposed to feel good right now.  I think it’s going to start sucking in a couple of weeks. I hope not, but that’s what everybody tells me. I think I’m just so happy to be pregnant. We tried for a while to have a baby. I think now that it’s here, I’m just excited. It’s a little surreal. I don’t think it’s really hit me yet.”

Cacee laughed about making Donald do all the heavy lifting at home.  “[I tell him], ‘I need you to move this, I need you to move that. Pick up this. Help me with this'”.  Donald joked, “My character at work is a ladies’ man. When I go home, I’m a b—h. I’m her b—h.”

Not too much longer and baby will be here!

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