Talks Candidly About Delivering Twins Prematurely; Terrible Pregnancy

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Jamie Anne Allman and Marshall Allman are sharing for the first time that they welcomed their twins – prematurely – back in January!  Jamie and Marshall had shared their baby news in November, telling family and friends that they were going to be parents to fraternal twins, due in spring of 2013.  Jamie delivered her babies, twin boys named Asher and Oliver, 81 days early.

The Killing actress shared that the entire process was not easy – from the pregnancy trouble that included bed rest, horrible sickness and then delivering early via C-Section.   She was on bed rest for months and was miserable, “I puked seven to 12 times a day, and then I peed my pants every time I puked.  I popped blood vessels all around my eyes from every time I vomited, and if I moved slightly I would puke, so I couldn’t really walk to the bathroom.”

Jamie shared, “”They wanted me in the hospital for three months because the shortened cervix was slowly disappearing.  Then I got a bladder infection and delivered that day.”

After the twins were born, they spent months in the NICU, where she barely got to hold them.  “The first month, I only got to hold them for two hours total. They went through a lot. In the second month, thank God, I got to hold them a little bit more.”

Asher and Oliver are finally home with mom and dad.  “Oliver was 2 lbs., 11 oz., and he was discharged at 7 lbs., 7 oz.  Asher was 3 lbs., but he was discharged from the hospital at 8 lbs., 1 oz.”
Jamie, who still wants to expand their family later on, says “It was not fun.  I just like to be open and honest and transparent about stuff like that.”

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