Talks Final Trimester Of Pregnancy And Summer Plans

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Expectant actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler is due with her first child later this summer.  The celebrity mom-to-be shares what her plans for the summer are, as well as how she won’t stress about her post-baby body.

Jamie-Lynn is planning to lay low this summer, relaxing in the A/C.  “Just stay inside in air conditioning is my plan.  My whole house has been under construction which has been lovely timing too, being pregnant. So I am going to move back into my house end of June, and I am just going to nest and organize and make his nursery.”

The former Sopranos star says she’s not concerned about what her post-baby body will look like.  “You widen and your body changes and it’s an adjustment, but you just have to keep telling yourself that it’s for the baby, and I will figure it out once it’s out. I am not crazy about keeping my body.  It’s a time for you to relax about everything. Everything is better for the baby I think when you are relaxed and less stressed. So, I’m not stressing about anything.”


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