Is She Really Having Her Baby In Paris?


It seems like there are so many rumors regarding Kim Kardashian, her pregnancy, and her relationship with her baby daddy Kanye West, that we can’t keep up with what is fact and what is fiction anymore. Now, we’re not even sure where she plans on giving birth to her first baby anymore! According  to sources, Kanye is not pressuring her to have the baby in Paris, but definitely doesn’t want it to happen in Los Angeles. Here’s what we’re reading:

Kanye isn’t pressing Kim to have their baby in Paris. Wherever they both decide to have it, it’s going to be a mutual decision. It’s between them, really. No one else, not Kim’s mom or her family will dictate to them where they will have their baby.

Either way, these two need to make up their mind because time is ticking away and she’ll be giving birth very soon!

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