Lashes Out At Her Baby Weight Critics

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As I’m sure everyone knows by now, it’s not easy trying to lose your baby weight in record time after gaining it after nine full months of pregnancy. It took me well over a year to lose my baby weight both times while I was pregnant and I’m sure that there are many mothers out there that can relate, too. According to actress and celebrity mom Bryce Dallas Howard, she too is taking her time in trying to shed her baby weight off and at the same time is lashing out at her critics at the same time. Here’s what we’re reading:

“People are so vicious,” Bryce said about the snarky comments. “I now know to stay away from stuff that I used to see on the Internet. I don’t go online and read stories about myself anymore. People were picking on me when I did the Spiderman 3 press tour literally just 14 days after I gave birth.

“I can’t be in that headspace. I just don’t look myself up. I had a baby, that isn’t going to change, so I ignore things so I can be in my own little bubble.”

Bryce is totally right here in sometimes you just need to block out the critics, create your own little bubble and concentrate on your health and happiness. Kudos to Bryce for putting her family and their priorities first.

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