Party Time For Kingston And Zuma Rossdale

Rossdale Boys Attend a Party

Zuma and Kingston Rossdale come bearing gifts!  The Rossdale boys headed over to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon. Zuma was toting an Avengers gift bag, so I think it’s safe to assume the party was for a boy, most likely. (I’m definitely not saying that girls don’t like Avengers, too!)  Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were also photographed heading to Pump It Up, so maybe it was for the same party?

The boys were escorted by their nanny who, at first glance in the tiny thumbnails, looked like Gwen Stefani! .  I’m not sure if this is Gavin’s sister?  I know she’s been known to help care for the boys when Gwen and Gavin are busy.


Photos by Fameflynet

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