Wants More Kids; Shares Experience Of Watching Camden’s Birth


Nick Lachey is out promoting his new album, “A Father’s Lullaby” and is sharing his thoughts on more kids, watching his son’s birth and more!

Nick gushed about seeing Camden, now 7 months, being born, “I was [in the delivery room]. It was surreal, but one of the coolest things to ever see in your life.  You’re there with the woman you love, she’s giving birth to your child. It’s a pretty magical thing.”

The proud pop says he and Vanessa are ready for more.  “I think we’ve talked about two more, but if the next one is a girl, it may be tempting to just have one of each. In a perfect world we’d have a couple of boys and then finish off with a daughter.”


Photos by Fameflynet

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