Regrets Not Having More Children


Martha Stewart has done a lot of things in her life, but if there’s one thing she regrets not doing, it’s having more children. The media mogul opens up to this month’s More Magazine, where she talks about family, career, aging and how “70 is the new 50.” I personally can’t believe that she’s already 70 as she looks SO good! Check out some of the highlights from her interview below:

Her top beauty secret: “Unlimited amounts of very good moisturizer, with sunblock.”

On setbacks: “I’ve had my share of curveballs. Rebuilding is a lot harder than building. I’ve learned that. You have to approach something new as a build-on to what you’ve already done.”

On second chances: “There is only one time around the track. And you are on that track the minute you’re born.”

Her one regret: “Just that I haven’t had more children. But my daughter has two babies now, so the family is growing.”

Photos by More Magazine

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