Wants To Have Playdates With Kanye West


I’m not sure what Amber Rose is going to have to say about this! According to her baby daddy Wiz Khalifa, he wouldn’t mind if their son Sebastian had playdates with her ex-boyfriend Kanye West‘s future child. Talk about awkward! Here’s what we’re reading:

“He is so devoted to being a great father and is crazy in love with Amber. He even joked that he would love to have playdates with Kanye [West] if things weren’t so awkward,” the insider added.

As I’m sure you remember, Amber dated Kanye West from 2008 to 2010, but Wiz remains friendly with the rapper, who is expecting his first child with girlfriend Kim Kardashian this summer. Still, I’m not sure if Amber is going to be very happy about this!

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