Chooses His Family Over The RAF


It looks like Prince William is putting his priorities in order before he starts a new chapter in his life with fatherhood. According to the latest edition of People Magazine, the celebrity father-to-be is leaving his duties with the RAF Valley so he can concentrate on his family and wife Kate Middleton, who is expecting their first child together this summer.

Here’s what we’re reading:

Whilst having enjoyed his time at the RAF – where he made dozens of new friends – William is ready to continue his life with a new role… being the best father he can possibly be to his baby girl. The source continues that his excitement on starting a family of his own is really starting to show; William is ready for the next chapter in his life, and sadly it doesn’t include returning to the RAF ever again.

The source continued that ever since finding out about Kate’s pregnancy, William’s relationship towards his wife has become much stronger than what it was before, saying: “They’ve always been close but it’s been much more pronounced since she has become pregnant,” says royals author Judy Wade.

I don’t know about you, but I simply cannot WAIT for this summer! With both Kate and Kim Kardashian due in July, it’s going to be a very interesting month in the celebrity world.

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