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If you have or are having a child, you know how difficult it can be to pick the name.  There’s a lot of pressure. In just a few months, or maybe even in a few weeks, your little one is going to be coming along. While the nursery is prepped and you have plenty of clothes ready to go, you are still thinking about the perfect name. If this sounds familiar to you, read on to find out about some of the top names for our day and age.


CNN’s article “The Top Baby Names of 2013” by Kate Goodin notes Isabella is one of the most popular girl’s name for the year. With this name, you’ll get some adorable nicknames like “Izzy” and “Bella,” so your little girl will always be able to have fun with this name – but the comparisons to Twilight will probably follow her for years.Jacob
The article then goes on to bring up this name, which is the top searched name for a boy in 2013. As you can see, some people are starting to turn back toward the traditional as this name and its biblical connotations are clear. This name evinces trustworthiness, strength and integrity.Millie
Goodin also tells us that the second most searched baby name for girls this year is Millie. It’s kind of a modern spin on the more old-fashioned name of Mildred, so if you have an aunt or grandma you’d love to honor, this can be a hip way to do so.

The “m” names have it this year, in second place for both sexes. Instead of naming your child after a family member at all, you might decide to go for this fun name. Since the name is so short, it could work really well with a last name that has three or more syllables.Liam & Emma
Baby Center’s article “Popular Baby Names in 2013” also discusses some of the names toward which parents are going. These short and cute little names both rank as number one on this site. Liam is the most popular boys’ name, and Emma is the most popular girls’ name.Noah & Olivia
Turning back the hands of time, Noah and Olivia are coming into play. Noah is clearly a figure from the Old Testament, and the name Olivia if of Shakespearean fame. Baby Center notes that Noah and Olivia are the second most popular names for a boy and a girl, respectively., on their website

Mason & Sophia

Here are a couple of more baby names you might want to consider. While Sophia has a bit of a classic ring to it, it’s quickly becoming a very popular name among little girls (and has been for a few years now). Masonly certain brings a little bit of spunk and punk into a person’s character too, as it’s so evocative!

Biblical/Family Names

As noted earlier, people are starting to return to more traditional names. Therefore, you may want to consider naming your child after a famous figure from the Bible or after a person in your family. You could also do both – select a first name from one source, and choose a middle name from the other.

Naming your child might be difficult because you want to make sure you pick a strong one. Choose from the above list to help make your decision a little bit easier and give your child a popular name that represents the era they were born in!

Jessica Jimenez writes about parenting and early childhood education. Her best work is on the Top Education Degrees in the US.

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