Is She Trying To Land A Weight Watchers Deal?


It looks like someone here is trying to follow in Jessica Simpson’s footsteps! Rumor has it that Kim Kardashian is trying to land her own Weight Watchers deal so she can easily shed the post-baby pounds off after she gives birth to her first child this summer. To be honest, this rumor doesn’t sound too far-fetched to me at all. Here’s what we’re reading:

Kim Kardashian this week tweeted about her unhealthy food cravings, posting photos of french fries and a burger from In-N-Out with a caption: “Damn!!! I spoke too soon! My 1st pregnancy craving! #InNOut #EnjoyingEveryBite.”

It all furthers buzz that Kim is publicly piling on the pounds to nail a weight-losscontract where she’d lose the fat later for a large payday. But a source close to Kardashian insisted, “There is no weight-loss deal on the table,” adding that Kim “loves her outfits. They are stylish and cute.”

So far a rep for Weight Watchers said that there was “no truth” to rumors it was looking at Kim as a possible spokeswoman. Hmm… what do you guys think? I’m kind of believing that there might indeed be a deal in the works!

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