Does She Want More Kids?


When it comes to opening up about her personal life and her family, it looks like Giuliana Rancic never has any hesitation to tell it like it is. The celebrity mom opens up to this month’s issue of Splash Magazine, where inside she talks about the controversial “marriage before baby” quote she made last month, whether or not she wants to continue working with E!, and if there are any babies in her future. Here are some highlights of what she says:

More on marriage first, parenthood second: “Your marriage is the first example of a relationship that your child is exposed to. Bill and I are always kissing and holding hands and loving on each other in front of our child, and I think that’s so important for [Duke] to see. I want him to respect women. We never want to lose our marriage or ourselves. We made a vow, and we plan on keeping it.”

Bill is sooo romantic: “Bill doesn’t even drink coffee, but every day he insists on making my coffee. And you know why? Because his dad made his mom coffee every day, and he thought that was so romantic. A couple of weeks ago, I was at a shoot that was running late, and I was supposed to take Duke to a mommy-and-me class. Let’s just say I didn’t quite make it on time, and a certain someone had to fill in for me. And if you know my husband, that is not his cup of tea.”

She’ll pull away from E! in a few years? “I’ve accomplished everything I’ve ever wanted to. I’d love to ride that wave for awhile, then eventually pull back, spend more time with the baby and Bill in Chicago. Bill’s made no secret of not liking LA. And I’m not a big fan, either. There’s something about Chicago we love. I have great friendships here, the people are wonderful and it’s where we want Duke to go to school.”

Will she have more kids? “We’d only be so lucky.” But even then, Rancic won’t hide from the cameras. “Our long-term goal is to host a daytime relationship show together in Chicago.”

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