Her Family Eats Oreos And Cheetos


With everything that’s been reported about what Gwyneth Paltrow allows and doesn’t allow her family to eat at the dinner table, she’s finally admitting that yes, they do cheat once in awhile, too (and that includes her as well). Here’s what she says:

I tried to start them off with all of the right foods but as they got older, the lure of Oreos and cotton candy outweighed the lure of carrots with hummus. And that’s all a part of childhood and I love Oreos too, so I completely understand. I try to make sure that what is on their plate at home is nutritious and tasty and then I loosen way up on the reigns when we are out. They love a brown rice stir-fry but they also love their ‘Coke of the week’. My daughter gravitates toward fresh fruit and raw nuts but will inhale a bag of hot Cheetos at the airport. It’s all about balance.

It kind of sounds like something that goes on in our own families too, right? Just like Gwyneth’s daughter, whenever my little girl sees a bag of Pirate’s Booty it’s gone within a matter of minutes! But Gwyneth is totally right when she says it’s all about balance when it comes to their diets. What do you guys think?

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