Anxious To Get Back To Normal Life In Texas


Camila McConaughey opened up recently about her exhausting schedule, mothering three kids and her excitement over getting back to routine, anonymous life in Texas.

Camila, who is now mom to Levi, Vida, and Livingston, shared that her life revolves around breastfeeding and little sleep.   “It’s three little ones that need mom all at the same time. I’m running to dinner, running back to breastfeed, go do this, run back to breastfeed, breastfeed all night, start your day at 5 a.m., lack of sleep — all of it.”

The celebrity mom and wife of actor Matthew McConaughey says that their family is headed back home to Texas now that Matthew is finished with his latest film.  She explains why they love being Austin instead of L.A.  “It’s great for [Levi and Vida] because they really get to have a regular life.  People are not looking at them — they’re not impressed by anything. You go inside of a restaurant, no one’s turning their faces, looking at the door every five minutes to see who’s coming in. Everybody’s really doing their own thing.”

Sounds like a slice of heaven for anyone famous who wants a little normalcy!


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