Out And About With The Family


So sweet! ‘Red Widow‘ actor Goran Visnjic out and about with his wife Ivana and their son Tin in Bevely Hills, Calif. on Thursday afternoon.

That little boy is just too cute, isn’t he? Check out our photos below and let us know what you think!

Photos by FameFlynet

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  1. Ozzy says

    Cute pics, boy is like sweet sugar. Visnjic seems to be a good father, his wife looks 10 years younger. Pretty enough nice looks of one family but there is one question to everyone who didn’t know the fact of his first child, his daughter who is so beautiful 6 years little girl and looks in her face exactly as her father Goran who has never seen her in alive. In his native Croatia people always comments how he could live his life without any contact with his daughter who has father’s eyes, smile, simply says her face of 6 years old girl is replication of her father whose she hasn’t seen yet. I am living in Croatian capital town and this story is always “top story” between people in the small Country like Croatia is. I am sorry for the little girl who is not quilty for nothing but who obviously will be the goals of many wierd people to staring in her as something thrown from father’s life. Wish good luck to everyone.

  2. zone3120 says

    Wonderful pics! 🙂 But he’s not Tin. 😛 Tin is their older son. This is their younger son, Vigo. 😉

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