“Leann Rimes Doesn’t Have Boundaries With My Kids”

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Oh dear. It looks like the ongoing feud between Brandi Glanville and Leann Rimes will never go away. Even though she promised that she would never mention Leann’s name ever again, Brandi has done it once again, while promoting her book, “Drinking and Tweeting… and Other Brandi Blunders.” Here’s what she told a fan:

 “What it is, is how she just doesn’t have boundaries when it comes to my children. And it upsets me because it was like that even when I was still married to Eddie and they were together she was…tweeting things about them and texting me really horrible things [saying] ‘I love the boys. I can’t wait to make their lunches…’

While I completely sympathize with Brandi and where she’s coming from, but wouldn’t it help much more if they stopped talking about their feud so publicly and tried to work things out among themselves? Because if there’s anyone who is hurting the most here, it has to be Brandi’s two kids. I’m sure they’d want their mother and stepmom to get along by now.

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  1. Kelly Mahan Jaramillo says

    People keep asking in interviews. Brandi is doing her best to answer the question and move on. Just recently she answered yet another question about Leann with “I really do not want to talk about this publicly anymore…” I believe it was in the Buzzfeed interview. Brandi is clearly making her way as quickly and politely as she can to the “no comment” answer to that question. There are so much more interesting questions to ask her – I am noticing the Leann questions are dwindling, thank goodness. Brandi is funny and smart, Leann is the most uninteresting part of the woman’s life. Stop asking about Leann, folks! You will have a great interview without mentioning Brandi’s ex husband and his baggage.

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