“Moms Don’t Like To Be Judged”


I can definitely relate to what Jessica Alba says here. Even though we’re all probably guilty of doing it in the past, (I mean, I do write a blog after all!) it’s hard to swallow the judgment that comes our way when others judge us and the way we raise our family. In a new interview with People Magazine, Jessica opens up about feeling the brunt when it comes to others judging her and how she is raising her family the organic way these days. Here are some highlights of what she says:

On parental judging: “When you become a mom, the last thing you want to do is feel judged because everybody is trying to do the best they can. My girlfriend who is co-sleeping with her kids and may or may not be breastfeeding her 3-year-old shouldn’t hide that. She should be fine with that, and she shouldn’t feel judged. And then my friend who never even attempted really to breastfeed because it was too exhausting for her … she shouldn’t feel like she’s a bad mom.”

Stay-at-home vs. working moms: “I have friends who literally are better parents when they are going to work every day for long days and they have weekend time or night time with their kids. I have other friends who cannot even imagine leaving their child for one second and need to be attached literally at the hip, and that is fine as well.”

She doesn’t hesitate to take Honor out of school: “I feel like I have friends who can’t take their kids out of school [because] they’re so into school attendance that that is their number one priority. For me, I’m my kids’ happiness. Once my daughter gets old enough … if we still are continuing to travel this much, I’ll bring the tutor and she’ll learn. It’s more important for me to spend time with her than to not.”

Her family’s diet: “We don’t look at kale or broccoli or squash as healthy. That’s just what they eat. I try to give them whole foods and whole grains as much as humanly possible. I just feel like they will thrive on that. Will they go to dinner with the family to a chain restaurant? Sure we do!”

Indulgences do exist for her kids: “If they’re going to have a dessert, I like to make a dessert with Honor. We’ll make little cupcakes and that will be what they have two or three times a week and then the rest of it will be fruit or applesauce. They’re such little spazzes when they have too much refined sugar and flour. You know? They’re mental.”

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