Twins Are Protectors At School; Fighters At Home

Alessandra Ambrosio and Daughter Anja at SOFIA THE FIRST Disney Channel Premiere

Olympus Has Fallen‘ star Angela Bassett is the proud mom of twins Slater and Bronwyn, 7.  The celebrity mom shares that while they protect each other at school, once they get home – all bets are off – in a sibling sort of way!

While out promoting her new movie, Angela shared, “She’s big heart — she loves her brother — and he protects her in school … If she’s having some trouble he’s right in there for her, ‘Don’t you talk back to my sister!’. But at home with mom it’s the safe place to just act a fool.”

Angela continues, “Oh gosh, they fight. They ask me constantly, ‘Mommy, are you happy?’ Well, he [Slater] asks me that.  And I say, ‘If we are not bickering, punching or fighting, then yes, I’m happy. But every day we’re bickering, punching and fighting!’”

Did your kids fight at this age? Or were they content playing together?

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