Working Out Is Trickier With A Baby


In the new issue of Women’s Running, on stands today, E! hostess Giuliana Rancic shares why running is so important to her and how she manages to keep it up now that she’s a mom to Duke,  7 months.

Giuliana dishes on why running has such a special place in her life,   “I had a very tough year, I went through cancer, and running was my way to feel like I am back. When I was finally able to run three months after my surgery, it felt great. It said to me that I am back and able to resume my normal life. It’s the 45 minutes or hour in my day when I can be in my head, think things through. There’s no phone or anything; it’s escapism for me.”

She says she learned not to take it for granted,   “So many of us walk into a gym or go out for a run and think, ‘This is a chore. Let me get this over with.’ After my surgery, I remember lying in bed recovering and thinking to myself, ‘What I wouldn’t give to just walk around the block!’ It just changed my attitude toward exercise. Sometimes big things have to happen in life to make you appreciate the little things.”

Now that Giuliana’s a mom, fitting in time for running is trickier, but doable. “I love running because I don’t have to go out of my way to do it. Having a baby makes working out a little tougher but I am able to find time when he is napping.”


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