TAMAR BRAXTON Reveals She’s Already Due In Just A Few Months!


Sneaky!  Despite only telling her fans yesterday that she is expecting a baby, Tamar Braxton revealed last night that she is already in her last trimester of pregnancy!

The Braxton Family Values star shared with Us magazine that she kept this pregnancy under wraps for a long time,  “I only have a few months to go.  I’m in my last trimester.”

She also shared that she and husband Vince Herbert know the baby’s sex, but are keeping that to themselves.  “We know. You don’t! You have to wait. You’ll find out on Braxton Family Values. I don’t want to spoil it.”

It’s funny because so often celebrities will tell the public early on and then it feels like they’re pregnant for an eternity!  So, this is a nice change of pace – we’ll be hearing about Tamar’s delivery in just a few short months!

Braxton Family Values season 3 kicks off tonight on WeTV, are you tuning in?


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