JILLIAN MICHAELS And Our Mom Quote Of The Day


“It means you have to sit there for 20 minutes while my daughter Lu tries to put on a shirt. It kills me because I’ve got to go to work. [My partnerHeidi [Rhoades] gets mad at me: ‘How else is she going tolearn how to put on her shirt?’ or ‘Don’t rush her, you’re rushing her! It makes me crazy, so I’ll just sit on the floor of the closet checking emails while Lu tries to figure out how to put on her shirt. It’s brutal, but I’m really trying. I guarantee it’s going to be their number one issue in therapy.”

– Thank you Jillian Michaels for telling it like it is! I think almost every mother has that moment where she feels that mom guilt when she tries to rush her children out the door. I mean, it’s no walk in the park trying to juggle your career with her family life. Kudos to Jillian for being honest as sometimes it’s good to hear the truth from a celebrity of her caliber. There’s no doubt in my mind that she’s a great, dedicated mom. 🙂

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