GWYNETH PALTROW She Won’t Let Her Kids Eat Carbs


As I’m sure we all already know, Gwyneth Paltrow is one strict mama, but when it comes to her kids’ diets, it looks like she’s even stricter than we thought! The Oscar winning actress and celebrity mom recently revealed what she allows and doesn’t allow her children to have at the dinner table and you’ll be surprised to hear what it is! Here’s what we’re reading:

She has tried the macrobiotic diet, the kale and lemon cleanse and only eating salad for days on end. But now Gwyneth Paltrow has admitted that she has begun inflicting her obsessions with food on her own children – by starving them of carbohydrates. Miss Paltrow, 40, said that that she avoids feeding pasta, bread or rice to Apple, eight, and Moses, six, because it is bad for them, even though they are left ‘craving’ the food.

Her decision was based on the fact that everyone in her house – including husband Chris Martin – is supposedly intolerant of gluten, dairy and chicken’s eggs. Miss Paltrow’s comments are an admission that her habit of going for the latest fad diet is filtering down to how she behaves as a mother. She has in the past told how she snacks on almonds when she is hungry rather than cave in and have a proper meal. She spent her 20s on the macrobiotic diet during which time she ate mostlyvegetables and beans and chewed her food more thoroughly than usual.

What do you think? Is it fair to cut out carbs from a child’s diet? If you ask me, they need a proper, well-rounded diet in order for them to function well at school and in the playground. But that’s just my opinion! A bowl of pasta or a loaf of bread is obviously not going to hurt a child.

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