Writing A Pregnancy Book!


Jersey Shore star Snooki did a complete 180 with her life when she found out she was pregnant with her first child. She stopped her partying ways and immediately focused on taking care of herself and becoming a good mom. Snooki gave birth to her son Lorenzo in August and the new mom is ready to share her experience with readers.  Snooki announced that her newest book has been picked up by a publisher.

She writes, “I am so excited to announce my new book that I’m writing right now on how I viewed my pregnancy and my stories!!! My book was recently signed by Running Press and will be released sometime at the beginning of next year! I hope that this book will help all pregnant ladies out there and also help you realize you aren’t as crazy as you think! This book isn’t advice, it’s what I went through throughout my pregnancy! Can’t wait to finish and share with all of you!!!!”

Snooki has become quite the business woman!  She has more products (books, soda, tanning lotion, perfume, accessories) and endorsements than ever! She’s building an amazing empire for herself and her family.

Will you pick up a copy of Snooki’s new book?


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