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Wipebox From Uber Mom

The Wipebox Package

What is an “Über Mom?”  Über means “over” and “above.”  It means “the best.”  The modern woman strives to achieve this in her personal and professional life, simultaneously. She pursues it through her wardrobe, her family, her body and her home.  “Über Mom” is more than our company name.  It is a lifestyle that we hope to facilitate through our embellishment of everyday products.

Princess Backpack PRINT

“The Wipebox” is worthy of a designer handbag at an affordable price.  The Wipebox was created out of the desire for a travel-size wipe container that is stylish and durable. The Wipebox mimics the European design with the bright colors and bold graphics. Wipes are a necessity for parents and young children on the go. The Wipebox can be refilled and kept anywhere – reusable, designer wipe container for your diaper bag, hand bag, school bag, gym or car for everyone.  Wipes are an essential part of everyone’s household and all of them come in disposable packages and containers.

Bow Box FB650

Wipebox is the newest and most uber chic container in the market today. Parents are always looking for the coolest finds and with this product you can choose between five colors and designs, depending on your taste. Such as: Green Football, Pink Crown, Aqua Bow, Orange Owl, Blue Turtle of the bundle package.

The goal of “The Wipebox” is to change the way that Americans purchase wipes and throw away the plastic. This will be even more apparent as new designs and sizes are launched.

MSRP $6.99. Available now on and specialty stores.

Handbag Owl FB

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